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About me

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EmbroideryMatters101 And how it all began.

I started out in the embroidery industry over 30 years ago. Things were very different when it came to embroidery designs back then !

In the begging of my career, should you need an embroidery design created it could take weeks to receive it. Firstly an artist would have to hand draw a logo or design, which then had to be sent of by post to a factory to get "punched" onto a cardboard tape which most, if not all embroidery machines needed to run. These were later changed to paper tapes. Then the digital era began and we received our first computer and program which would let us save designs to a "floppy disc" to transfer designs to our machine. Such a game changer!

From there came cd's and usb sticks, which leads us to where we are today. Purchasing downloadable embroidery designs online. 

There are now thousands, if not millions of designs available at a click of a button. the choices are endless. 

This has led me to where i am today. Creating my very own website. Giving me the opportunity to create designs that i love and take pride in  creating and digitizing. I hope my passion shows in all my designs.

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